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About Coastal Trident

Coastal Trident was established in 2007 as a training and exercise program for the Port of Hueneme. It was conducted to assist in familiarizing local law enforcement and emergency response partners with the complex jurisdictional authorities, operational and technical limitations, and logistics considerations associated with the response to a major incident at the Port. Since its inception, however, Coastal Trident has expanded significantly in scope and influence, developing into a broader program that serves to support innovative operational research and offers unique resources to meet training, field experimentation, and exercise priorities among stakeholders in port and maritime security. Today, Coastal Trident is a series of technical demonstrations, field experiments, discussion-based and operations-based exercises.

Alignment with ANTX

Since 2017, ANTX Coastal Trident has been conducted by NSWC Port Hueneme Division in order to focus the technical capabilities and subject matter expertise of government, industry, and academic participants on Navy priorities and operational needs. Coastal Trident was leveraged as a venue to support high velocity learning and accelerate development, evaluation, and implementation of technologies to assist Navy forces in the following areas:

Reinforce federal, state, local government, and private sector strategic partnerships in port and maritime domains

Strengthen existing capabilities and CONOPS to support safe and effective port and maritime operations

Explore CONEMP and accelerate implementation of developing and transitional technologies to address gaps

Identify priorities for improvement related to preparedness against all hazards

ANTX Coastal Trident activities facilitate technical demonstrations and field experiments designed to “expand the advantage” through technical exchange, collaboration, and innovation. In order to maximize the benefit to the warfighter, these projects are focused on identified gaps and urgent operational needs.

Program Activities

Coastal Trident is designed to include elements of “experiment” and “exploratory exercise” activities, in which capabilities can be assessed qualitatively in the context of “what is possible?” and “will this work?” These activities are intended to stop short of detailed technical evaluations and operations-focused “how would we?” questions, which typically require relatively mature capabilities and higher levels of operational integration.

Discussion-based activities

Normally used as a starting point in the cyclical “crawl, walk, run” approach to development of capabilities. Discussion-based activities include classroom instruction, seminars, workshops, tabletop exercises (TTX), and games. 9 These types of activities typically focus on existing plans, policies, MAA, and SOP. They are, therefore, exceptional tools for familiarizing participants with current or near-term capabilities.

Field experiments

Apply scientific method in order to examine technology performance in a scenario, under expected operational conditions. This is done with the purpose of removing scientific controls from the test environment (e.g., laboratory conditions, where weather and other environmental variables are not factors) and observing the outcome under disruptive conditions that represent the intended use case.

Operations-based activities

Represent the “walk” and “run” phases of the exercise cycle. They are used to validate the plans, policies, agreements, and SOPs identified during discussionbased activities. Operations-based activities include drills, field training exercises (FTX), and full-scale exercises (FSE).10 They can be used to clarify roles and responsibilities, identify gaps in the resources needed to implement plans and procedures, and improve individual and team proficiency in scenario-specific tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP).

Area Of Operations

Coastal Trident leverages privileged access to unique land-based, waterside, and offshore facilities throughout Southern California in order to establish robust and relevant learning environments. This area of operations spans more than 200 coastal miles and extends offshore, clear of congested shipping lanes and recreation areas.

Coastal Trident 2024

In 2024, ANTX-Coastal Trident will be conducted to facilitate concept demonstrations and field experiments in the following technology areas:

Critical infrastructure security, threat mitigation, and incident response

In-service engineering, maintenance, and sustainment of surface fleet and expeditionary combat systems

Port and maritime domain awareness, data fusion, and decision support

Augmented and virtual reality modeling, simulation, and digital engineering

Unmanned systems applications, implementation, and countermeasures

2023 Event Schedule

The following timeline has been established to support planning and execution of ANTX-CT23 activities:

Planning Phase



Concept Development Meeting



Project Proposals Due



Initial Planning Meeting



Mid-Term Planning Meeting



Final Planning Meeting

The purpose of this meeting is to review status of planning and identify major issues or barriers to successful execution.

Execution Phase




Operational activities and Field experimentation

ANTX-Coastal Trident is planned and conducted in a modular design, which focuses project execution where resources are available and knowledge can be most effectively transferred. Program activities are conducted between July and September, with an Open House conducted at the end of the fiscal year to wrap it up. For information on program schedule or individual project execution, follow the major planning meetings or reach out to the Principal Investigator.



FATHOMWERX Summit & Open House

FATHOMWERX Summit, with participation from ANTX Coastal Trident Open House and Venture Ventura has the goal of encouraging collisions at the intersections between industry and the Department of the Navy. This inclusive event will be filled with tested technologies, demonstrations, tours, networking, keynote speaker, and Department of the Navy program reps and stakeholders. Learn more.


FATHOMWERX was established in 2018 via a Partnership Intermediary Agreement (PIA) with Economic Development Collaborative Ventura County (EDC-VC) (PIA #N63394-P-18-001) and a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Port of Hueneme and Matter Labs. FATHOMWERX supports a regional ecosystem to innovate, collaborate, and accelerate adoption of technologies.

ANTX Coastal Trident's alignment with FATHOMWERX expands access to technology developers and innovators that might not be engaged with the Navy through traditional acquisition pathways.


Past Exercises




ANTX-CT22 supported 74 unique projects that have offered claims to advance the state of the art in the global operations of naval forces and counter asymmetric threats to port and maritime security.

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ANTX-CT21 supported 56 unique projects that were proposed to advance the state of the art in the global operations of naval forces and counter asymmetric threats to port and maritime security.

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ANTX-CT20 was conducted to examine the operational and technical capabilities of port and maritime security organizations to counter asymmetric threats to the MTS and its associated personnel, operations, and critical infrastructure.

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Points Of Contact

Contact us at the emails linked below:

Brendan Applegate

ANTX CT Principal Investigator

NSWC Port Hueneme


Alan Jaeger

Tech Transfer Coordinator

NSWC Port Hueneme


Bryan Went

External Engagement Partner

Matter Labs


Mark Thompson

Tech Transfer Coordinator



Mike Morrison

Port Activities Coordinator

The Port of Hueneme


Ling Tang

Technology Program Manager

NUWC Keyport Det SD


I Have A Project Idea

If you are interested in proposing a project for ANTX-CT, please complete the digital form or email the completed pdf to the Principal Investigator for consideration. Project proposals will be evaluated by their timeliness in submission, research value, alignment with operational and technical needs, and available resources.

If you are interested in observing or supporting ANTX-CT project planning and execution, please contact the Principal Investigator to discuss your areas of interest.

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